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  • Walls – dusted and free of spots, marks and cobwebs
  • Doors – dusted and wiped from top to bottom
  • Door handles – wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints
  • Windows – wiped and polished from top to bottom
  • Window sills – wiped and clean
  • Window ledges – wiped and clean
  • Window handles – wiped and polished
  • All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops) – washed and sanitized; clean
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out, wiped; clean
  • Wall tiles – free of stains, mould and grease, washed and polished; clean
  • Sink and taps – descaled, washed, sanitized, polished; dry and clean
  • Internal rubbish bins – empty, cleaned inside and out
  • Fridge and freezer – internally and externally clean
  • Microwave – wiped from inside and outside; clean
  • Wall tiles – cleaned, descaled, polished and mould-free
  • Radiator and towel rail – clean
  • Taps and fittings – descaled, free of mould, clean and polished
  • Basin – cleaned, descaled, dried and polished
  • Soap dispenser – clean
  • Toothbrush glass – clean and polished
  • Bathtub – wiped, descaled, sanitised, polished
  • Beds – clean (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)
  • Reading lamps – clean
  • Mattresses – vacuumed from both sides; clean
  • Bedroom storage units
  • Waste paper baskets – empty and clean
  • Stairs and banisters – dust-free, clean

Why to Choose our Cleaning Services

  • Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents
  • Latest professional equipment used
  • REAL professional cleaners you can trust
  • More free time for the things you love to do
  • Years of experience in all areas of cleaning
  • We provide Local Cleaning Services in London
  • Fully vetted and trained Cleaning experts
  • Free quotes available with no hidden charges
  • Great deals/discounts on our Cleaning Services
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